Monday, February 8, 2010

Ice Storm... One way to get off the grid.

As of Thursday, January 28th, we have been off the grid here at the Phelan Ranch. We are now exclusively running off gas powered generators. I guess today marks day 12.

The 28th recorded one of the biggest Ice Storms in recent history and left several thousand rural people without power and several cities powerless as well. Most of those around us are back in the light, but it looks to be a couple more days in the dark for us. Here are some picture:

This has all melted away for now... but winter isn't over. Stay Warm!!


  1. I love the will probably be back in the light by the time you come up travels....Can't wait to see you again, I know you have a busy weekend ahead, so we will see if we see you....But glad your coming to be with Erin and finish up stuff. The time is going will be March 20 before you know it....lots of love Aunt Lori

  2. Wow! My heart always breaks for the poor trees in these ice storms. We had a big one like this back in 2005, and it destroyed or damaged many of our beautiful old trees. We were off-grid for 5 days (can't imagine 12 days!) but that has helped us to better think through and make preparations in case we ever go off-grid again for that long.

  3. Those are some impressive photos! We get a handful of frosts each year - no snow and nothing like those pics. Hope your powers back soon.

  4. Wow, we had almost 3' of snow, but no ice. I think I'd rather take the snow! Hope you guys are back up and running now. Thanks for the pretty pictures.


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