Monday, December 14, 2009

Survival Seeds!!

Sometimes I wonder what the government is doing to our economy and our society. I'm not ready to move out of the dear ole' USA, but I have started to do some heavy planning for the future.

The goal: To produce as much of the food we eat on our property.

I think we have the protein covered (beef, lamb, eggs, etc.) We've got water from a well and milk from the cows, but what about the veggies? I've gardened for the past two years, each year being more successful than the last, but gardening is still quite new to me and foreign to my parents and this goal is one we all share. So this year we are planning to plant quite a large garden for a couple of newbies and a not-so-experienced leader.

I got a tip about seed buying the other day and I wanted to share it with you. Hometown Seeds seems to have quite an array of seeds. The seeds I want to point you to is their Survival Seeds package. Designed to have you prepared in case of a crisis, here is what you get.

  • Includes an 8-page instruction booklet.
  • Enough seeds to plant 3/4 of an acre!
  • Non-Hybrid seeds produce true to variety seeds to replant for future harvests.
  • Optimum water content to increase storage life.
  • Double water tight packaging.
  • Hometown seeds is 100% GMO free!

So, as you start to plan for the future, do you have seeds for your gardens this year? Perhaps you want to plants some flowers next spring? Maybe you even want to tackle an herb garden? Or do you simply want to be ready for a crisis? If so, visit Hometown Seeds and I bet they can get you fixed up. I'm getting seeds from them and I plan on posting pictures all during the harvest. I never was an eagle scout, but I still like their motto... BE PREPARED.

P.S. I linked them in my new "Agrarian Links" gadget on the right in case you need the link later.


  1. Follow your blog from time to time. I am praying for your success. My family lives in NC on our small farm and when I retire from the Army soon after 25 year, I am going to do exactly that. Raise my family and all of our food. Great dedication by you at Polyface, keep up your honor to God, it is a witness. I bought the Survival Seed pak last year, maybe this spring I will put some in the ground.


  2. Hey Grady,
    That Hometown Seeds looks like a great supplier. There is also Seed Savers ( and also Freedom Seeds ( are from that family in California who are totally self-sufficient inside the city!) for those who want to shop around.
    Great to see so many families and organizations stepping up to try to turn around the way we think about agriculture and taking care of the land.

  3. Congratulations on the new blog- sounds like you have been busy and planning some wonderful things.


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