Wednesday, January 6, 2010

She Said YES!!!

I still can't believe how good God is to me!

Some of you know that I met my mate last year. Well, on New Years Day I asked her to marry me and she joyfully accepted. It has always been my dream (hers too) to find someone to live happily ever after with, and I know I found that when I found Erin.

Erin and I met while working at Polyface together. I know what your thinking... and no Polyface is not in the business of matchmaking. In fact, Erin and I both were uneasy about courting while at Polyface. We went to learn how to farm, Not find a spouse. But God acts in mysterious ways and put Erin and I together.

So, I want to ask for your forgiveness in my lack of Blogging as of late. My mind has found itself in other places.

In short, the farm is running smoothly. I'll continue with my mini-series after the storm of wedding planning has started to subside... which should be soon... I hope. :-)


  1. Congrats! Polyface seems like such a great place and who knew it could provide more than just farming-related experience? :)

  2. Conrgatulations to both of you. I've never heard of Polyface, but sounds like it was good to both of you.

  3. Congrats to both of you. I hope y'all have a wonderful life together and that God will bless your marriage.

  4. Yes, God is good, and you are indeed a blessed man, Grady.

    Sincere best wishes,

    Herrick Kimball

  5. OK, I see one problem here already. You have the idea that the storm of wedding planning might subside. Repeat after me: "Yes, Dear, I LOVE planning the wedding."

    Best wishes and God bless you as you decide on napkin colors, wedding favors, photographers, colors of cummerbunds and all the other details that in now way ever prepare you for marriage. :)

  6. Grady; I am so happy for you both! I found my mate 6 years ago and never looked back!
    I wish you happiness and contentment, and joy.

  7. Oh the joy! I reminded my wife that she will be celebrating 25 yrs of marital bliss in July, she said 20, but she won't tell me which 20! May our Lord Jesus bless you and keep you and make his face shine upon you and be at peace with you both. Congrats! Chuck

  8. Congrats, always good to hear that people recognize it when God says they should be together.

    Thanks for putting these blogs together. I have been reading about Joel and Polyface and am turning my small egg and poultry operation into something a bit more sustainable and better for the animals. Taking care of the land first, is my new mantra.

  9. Congratulations Dunny Boy!! Great blog I enjoyed reading it, and tasty beef, I'm enjoying eating it!


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